The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Edmonton Branch Presents Your Third Ear

You and a communication partner are welcome to join Cindy Gordon for an enlightening experience to find out what your third ear is and how you can develop it. Included will be a discussion about:

  • Hearing Aids…. how it works … or doesn’t!
  • Assistive devices and available community services
  • Emotional impact of hearing loss
  • Communication Tips

Click here to watch a short introductory video on the CHHA-ED Your Third Ear Program

In Person Your Third Ear Classes Are Back!
We are excited to be able to offer Your Third Ear classes in Person and free of charge  To enhance learning, the classes sizes are kept very small.

Sessions will be held at the Jerry Forbes Centre located at 12122 68 Street, Edmonton,AB

Tuesday March 14  10:00 AM
Thursday Mar. 30  1:00 PM
Tuesday April 11  10:00 AM
Thursday April 27  1:00 PM
Tuesday May 9  10:00 AM
Tuesday May 30  1:00 PM
Wednesday Oct 25 1:30 PM
Wednesday Nov 22 1:30 PM