These classes are informative and a great way to meet new people.

Speechreading is wonderful for new situations or noisy environments.

Vision and hearing are combined to enhance understanding in all situations

This program includes speechreading exercises.

Teaches you how to LIVE with your hearing loss and ADAPT to difficult situations with less stress.

Please See CHHA Publications – Speechreading For More Resources

Speechreading & Coping Classes

Speechreading is the ability to understand speech by observing visual cues such as the movement of the lips, tongue, jaw and facial expressions.  Speechreading also involves observing other cues such as body language, gestures and situational clues. It is a skill that can be learned through study and practice. Coping strategies go hand in hand with this skill and its success!  Students will learn new strategies and information every class!
Our fall classes will be posted by the beginning of August.  Keep checking back for the dates, times and location.


Call (780) 428-6622 or email chha-ed@shaw.ca for more information.