These classes are informative and a great way to meet new people.

Speechreading is wonderful for new situations or noisy environments.

Vision and hearing are combined to enhance understanding in all situations

This program includes speechreading exercises.

Teaches you how to LIVE with your hearing loss and ADAPT to difficult situations with less stress.

Please See CHHA Publications – Speechreading For More.

Click here to watch an short introductory video on speech/lip reading

Note:  We now have lip-reading masks available for purchase.  Click here for more details.

Online Lip Reading Training Available

Now is the perfect time to practice your skills with the self-paced online class, Read Our Lips.

Here’s four reasons why:

 1.  Help You In Background Noise

We all know background noise can be so frustrating.  Improve your skills to make challenging listening situations a little bit easier!

2.  Feel More Confident

It can be stressful following conversations in meetings, with new people and during online video chats. Gain confidence in your lipreading ability for work and for interacting with family and friends.

3. Worry Less

Worried about missing important things in online meetings? What about following conversation while social distancing? Practising your lipreading is an important skill right now!

4. Make Communication Easier – Support Your Technology
Lipreading is a tool to help you fill in the blanks that your technology may have missed, making it easier for you to communicate every day.
Learn To Lipread Online www.readourlips.ca
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