THE CHHA-Edmonton Hearing Assistance Fund

  • Assisting those in financial need
  • For individuals 19 and older.
  • Live in Edmonton and North of Central Alberta
Fund History

CHHA-Edmonton’s Hearing Aid Assistance Fund was established in August of 2003 when CHHA-Edmonton requested and received a grant from the Rasmussen Foundation.  This fund was established to help people between the ages of 19 and older of age and live in Edmonton or North of Central Alberta.

The fund endeavors to assist disadvantaged people with hearing loss by making funds available to purchase hearing aids or repair still-viable hearing aids.  A strong set of criteria has been established to ensure financial need.

In June of 2005 an additional donation was received from the Mildred Nelson Legacy Endowment, and since then other donations have been received from various sources including the CHHA-Edmonton Little Big Run, the Rotary Club, the Community Spirit Donation Grant Program, the St. Albert Mayor’ Walk for Charities, and from other interested individuals.

In 2011, the Hearing Aid Assistance Fund Committee determined there must be a more consistent manner of fund raising and established a coin drop and bottle drive (with committed donors) in their activities.

In 2020, the committee decided to change the fund name to Hearing Assistance Fund to include not only hearing aids, but also other technology; devices and bone anchored hearing aids.

As part of our on going belief in environmental concerns for waste management, an alternative is now offered to applicants if they do not meet the criteria for full support, or if there is a shortage of funds.  This alternative encourages the applicant’s to consider gently used hearing aids that have been donated and reprogrammed to suit the needs of the individual.  The costs of fitting, reprogramming and ear-molds are paid by the Hearing Assistance Fund on behalf of the recipients of the gently used aids.

All donations to CHHA-Edmonton for the Hearing Assistance Fund are appreciated.

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Download the CHHA-Edmonton Hearing Assistance Fund Application Form