Becoming a Member At CHHA-Edmonton

Who Can Join?

Anyone is welcome to join. You don’t have to be hard of hearing to become a member. In fact, we would like to have more hearing individuals become members and to attend our meetings and events. A hard of hearing person’s main goal is to learn to better communicate with the hearing world, so we encourage you to become involved and help to better the future.

Membership fee is $45 ($15 for CHHA-Edmonton and $30 for CHHA National membership) or $80 for a family membership ($30 for CHHA-ED and $50 to CHHA National) and includes an annual trimester subscription to CHHA national magazine: Listen/Écoute.

The Listen Écoute magazine is sent three times in the year. It includes articles on available technology of various assistive listening devices from alarm clocks to devices that allow you to hear in church or conferences, inspirational stories, and what other CHHA boards and chapters are doing across Canada.

There is a bi-annual conference in Canada and the location changes. The topics are always wide ranging and current allowing everyone to find something of interest. There are also plenty of networking opportunities. The sessions and banquet are captioned as well as hearing loops (must have T-coils activated), allowing everyone to participate fully.

For more information contact the CHHA National Office at 1-800-263-8068 or the Edmonton CHHA office at (780) 428-6622 or

Membership form

CHHA-Edmonton membership can now be paid through PayPal.

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