Hearing Aid Devices

The following are some hearing aids or devices that are available to assist people who have a hearing loss.
Please note that these devices are not a cure for hearing loss. Each hearing device can only attempt to assist a person who has hearing loss.

Devices to Improve Entertainment

CaptiView – Closed Caption Viewing System for watching a movie inside a movie theatre

The CaptiView system basically is a small digital screen that is attached to a flexible arm that fits into a cup holder of a theatre seat. The screen displays three lines of text as a movie is playing – a type of ‘caption for the movies’.

Some of the staff at CHHA-Edmonton have had the chance to use a CaptiView while watching a movie and have given good reviews. There is no cost to use a CaptiView device, only request it when you buy your ticket at the theatre. While not available at all theatres or for all movies this hearing aid does allow someone with a hearing loss to better enjoy a movie.  Check Landmark Theatres for more information and a listing of theatres where this device is helping people with a hearing loss enjoy a night out at the movies.

Edmonton has many and varied entertainment venues and we are proud to recommend the following as they do provide devices making it possible for you to attend and enjoy their productions.

Hearing Loops

Hearing loops are audio frequency induction loops installed in venues and locations to allow hearing users to understand audio in all types of environments

Click here to watch a short video about hearing loops

Edmonton and Area

Live Theatre & Music

Movie Theatres

Places of Worship

Click here for a listing of more Western Canada Locations with Hearing Loops in place

So many different hearing aid devices have been created in an attempt to improve the life of a person with a hearing loss.

Keep checking back as we attempt to showcase some of these amazing devices!