Our Donors

The following are just some of the donations – public and private – that enable CHHA-Ed to empower and change the lives of persons who are hard of hearing.

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Corporate Donations Private Donations
Platinum Level

over $3000
The City of Edmonton – Community Investment Branch

Union 52 Benevolent Society

Gold Level

Donations of
$1001 to $2999
Silver Level

Donations of
$501 to $1000
Safety Codes Council

Opty Business Solutions

Mr. & Mrs. R. Urquhart
Bronze Level

Donations of
up to $500
United Way (Alberta Capital Region) Gwen Johnson 

Charles Bosecke 

Judy Ashton 

Norman Gressel

Eugene Hochhauses

Gerda Alexander

Larry Caouette

Anthony Bright

Susanne Martin

Patrick Radulski

Manfred Malzahn

Rebecca Ismond

Gary LeClair

Loreen Haack

Doug & Marilyn Kingdon

Sandra German

Shannon Wiebe

Lee Ramsdell

Frances Tallon

You too can join the Very Important People who are life changers