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CHHA-Ed  offers two beginner level Conversational American Sign language classes:

Level 'A' is for adults with little or no signing background. This is an introductory class with a focus on signing the alphabet, numbers, commonly used pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and simple phrase of two or three words . Learning how to finger spell word and combine words without having to sign each letter.  It is visual language using fingers and hands to communicate.

Level 'B' is for adults who have completed Beginner Level 'A' or have previous signing and can demonstrate some ability in using their hands to sign.  This class focuses on conversation using simple phrases and sentences moving away from signing each letter of a word.

CHHA-ED classes are NOT for credit – they are for communication.

Beginner Level A Conversational ASL class

CHHA-Ed Beginner Level 'A' Conversational ASL are available for special groups, such as families, senior facilities, community organizations and businesses at a location of their choice.  If you are a group of 10 to 15 and would like to learn ASL contact us and we will organize the class for you.

"Do you have a small groups or businesses that would like to learn ASL at a location of your choice?"  If you have 10 to 15 who are interested in learning a beginner level conversational ASL contact CHHA-ED and we will organize a class for you.

American Sign Language focuses on the "words" to communicate, but there' a lot more to think about. How do I begin? Am I even being understood? How do I know what the person I'm taking to is thinking? What about ...

CHHA-Ed’s Conversational American Sign Language classes are for communication, NOT for CREDIT.

THANKS to all who have an interest in learning a language to communicate using vision to compliment oral.

Call 780.428.6622 or email for more information
Classes for January/February 2018 will be posted by December 6th.